Finding the right job is not an easy task. Especially if you have a criminal record in the back, problems with the law and the experience of serving a prison term. Despite the difficulties, this problem can be solved. If you have the necessary information and make little effort, you will be able to find a decent place in the labor market, discover your potential and start your life from the end. Especially when you have, next to you, worthy models of people who have already managed to do so.

SHARE will help you find a vacancy that suits you. To begin with, we will honestly evaluate your potential and your level of preparedness. Then we will accompany you and help you in finding a suitable job and in the initial process of adapting to the new place.


1. We’ll start with a simple interview. We will discuss your plans, regarding a possible career, your studies and work experience, as well as the support you may need.

2. Then, we will help you prepare a CV and prepare you for the interview with the employer. We can also help you acquire the necessary skills, undergo the necessary training and support you in your personal development.

3. After that, we will propose you a position and a suitable employer.

4. Our collaboration does not end here. We will continue to maintain the connection and offer you any kind of support you may need in the work process.


1. The willingness to work, to learn something new, the willingness to adapt to the conditions of the modern labor market.

2. Be honest and responsible.

3. Give up the use of psychoactive substances and / or alcohol if you have used it before.

4. Our team of experts includes people with a life experience that can inspire and motivate you. We know from our own experience how to build a socially responsible business: 80% of our employees are former detainees or dependents.


Our employment workshops and employability events will help you become ready for your interview, the workplace and your career. 

Here are just some of the topics we cover:

  • Explore your goals, strengths and purpose
  • Identify your transferable skills
  • CV, cover letters and application forms
  • How to disclose at interview
  • Managing work relationships and developing resilience at work

Vladimit Gaiț, founder of “Bertam Grup”: 

Many years ago, I myself went through the experience of detention and addiction. Today, looking back, I realize that without the support of family, friends and people who really cared about me, I would not have been able to become what I am now. Today, around 50 people work in our company. Most of them had the same experience of addiction or detention as I did. And I am very proud that, thanks to their work and efforts, they have managed to return to normal life, because everyone has a chance. It is important to believe in yourself!

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