We pair businesses in eternal need of manpower with most motivated people willing to work hard and perform. We encourage employers to SHARE their opportunities to help individuals become law-abiding, productive citizens and provide a little TRUST in people to get back loyal committed workers and GROW their business.


We believe in giving ex-felons and other disadvantaged groups a second chance and see beyond criminal records, health status or social position. We don’t judge people on what they have done in the past, preferring instead to focus on what they can do in the future. Giving people a second chance, a better chance by giving them the dignity of a decent job and equipping them with the tools needed to leverage their innate skills, abilities and capacities into maximized potential.


We provide ex-prisoners, ex-drug users, people with special needs or other disadvantage groups with intense, life-transforming training, coaching, mentoring, education, character development, and career opportunities.


Society slaps plenty of negative labels to ex-prisoners, ex-drug users, people with special needs or other disadvantage groups. By leveraging public platforms to showcase our experience, we challenge public perception about this “untraditional labor pool”.


We want to replicate Divetro model and prove to the broader business community what we already know here: employing ex-prisoners, ex-drug users, people with special needs or other disadvantage groups works! Our analysis shows that formerly incarcerated people are more likely to be “active” in the labor market than the general public. We dare you to check it!


After having many run-ins with the law, this entrepreneur decided to help those who has had a troubled past if they demonstrate that they want to turn their lives around.

Vladimir Gaiț, founder of “Bertam Grup”

If you’d told me 12 years ago today I’d be leading and running a fast-growing company, I would’ve called you crazy.

I experienced, shall we say, a pretty rebellious youth. I started to smoke cannabis at 15. When I was 22 I tried hard drugs and was addiсted for about 10 years. My conviction was at the age of 24, leading me to be jailed for four years. After many run-ins with the law, I had to make a choice: go to jail again or change my life for good.

I took the latter option. I was lucky to meet a person who trusted me and offered me a job. He helped me to check in into a rehabilitation program and I was hoping to get my life back on track. Being an ex-prisoner with no high education and with drug problems, I managed to rose from a parcel loader to a head of wholesale department.

I realized that not everyone in that position would have been as lucky. Many people who experience the criminal justice system won’t have the opportunity to prove themselves the way that I was able to. That is why, when I founded my company in 2012, I decided to do everything in my power to help those with a troubled past, have hit rock bottom or who come from nothing to help them make positive transformations in their lives.

Today, 80% of my staff are people with troubled past, former inmates and former drug users. Our own experience at DiVetro shows that these people are among the most motivated and loyal employees you can find anywhere.

By creating opportunities to give ex-felons and other disadvantaged groups better chances through employment, we can make a real difference to society at large. Business must be part of the solution!

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