Share helps people from vulnerable groups and refugees find employment, provides comprehensive support in finding a job and integrating into the workplace. Helps develop employability and self-confidence and find jobs where people can thrive and develop.

We challenge stereotypes by showing that our candidates make successful and valued members of staff at Moldova’s public and private sector companies.

We work with employers of all sizes across all sectors, change their hiring practices and help them create social value.

We lobby interests of our candidates and shift attitudes among employers, the media and society.

the total number of convicts in 2021, of which 325 are women and, 4926 are men.
60.6% of all convicts were re-convicted for the second, third and more times.
85 044 lei per year – the average cost of imprisonment of one person.
released in 2021.

“The most important thing that a person who has just come out of prison need is trust and support”

Andrey Doronichev, 35 years old. Director of Technical Department, DiVetro

When I was 15, I got my first criminal record. At 17 – the second. On the third criminal record I was supposed to be in prison. But by a happy coincidence, I was not. At 18, I got my first job at a car wash. At the same time I used drugs. As soon as I went into binge, I was fired. For a while I sat at home, then again I found a job, went into binge, got fired and so it went on for about 12 years. Then I got into rehabilitation and my life changed. DiVetro is the first company where I worked for five full years, without interruptions. In total, I have been sober for 6 years. Thanks to this job, I was able to create a family. I have two children, a beloved wife, we often travel. I think that everyone has the right to a second chance. Among the guys who have a criminal record behind their backs, there are a lot of those who really want to work. Each of them has a dream – not to rob a bank or steal a car – the guys dream of starting a family, building a house, giving birth to children. And for this they need a job and a director who will trust them.

I am Ukrainian. I came to Moldova two years ago for a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program. I completed it after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and realized that now I can’t get home. I was at a loss for not long, as I met the guys from Share, who helped in general in everything.

I was given an apartment, they helped me with things, they regularly provide food, as a refugee. But the most important thing is, of course, their help in finding a job at Bertam Grup. I am very glad that now I can earn money on my own. That I can be surrounded by people who support sobriety, a healthy lifestyle and believe in God. It is very important for me.

Igor Krivitsky, 19 years old.

“Even if a person does not have the perfect past, he needs to be given a chance to change, and he needs to be given a job”

Valentina Arabaji, 38 years old. Sales Manager

The first time I tried drugs when I was 14. I finally stopped at 33. First there was weed, then heroin. When all this became unbearable, I went for rehabilitation to the Positive Initiative therapeutic community. After a full course of rehabilitation I was looking for a job, where I would be surrounded by the same people as me – recovering.

Fortunately for me, I found this at DiVetro. We have a team in which we constantly learn, improve our skills, and grow as specialists. I believe that anyone deserves a second chance. Even if a person has stumbled, even if he does not have the right past, he needs to be given a chance to change, and he needs to be given a job.

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